Purpose of Training

National Perspective

Vision 2021:

Government of Bangladesh took the initiative for achieving economic growth as Middle income nation & SHIPBUILDING Training is a part of that vision.

We are one of the largest working force in South East Asia but unfortunately our workforce are mostly unskilled. The project undertaken by our Government will help this vast unskilled workers into a skilled one.

Industrial Perspective

To have the industrial growth we need skilled workforce. At present we have less than 10,000 skilled workforce  working in different sectors of the shipbuilding industry. But actual need is more than 20,000 as of today.

By the year 2021 the necessity of skilled workforce will rise to more than 50,000. To have such trained & skilled workforce we need to arrange training to achieve the target.

International Perspective

Worldwide industrial growth is booming day by day. Trained and skilled workforce in larger number are necessary to cope with the industrial requirement. In specific, Qatar will require more than 25,000 welders within 2022 for world cup. It is very high time for us to prepare our workforce through vigilant training to get the benefit from overseas employment.

Project Key Body